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Tel: 0151 648 8783   

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Local Wirral Based Handyman

Home Maintenance

Fully Insured

No Job Is Too Small

Please Note: I may not be able to answer your call during my working day.

Please leave a message and I will return your call later.

Traditional Values - Quality Service

Established 2006

Qualified Local Wirral Tradesman


Qualified Handyman Wirral

As a  Long Established Property Maintenance Handyman Service based in Wirral , you may want to find out a little About Me.

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Terms of Business

Payment for work is due on completion, no credit will be offered, and there are no exceptions.


Note: for larger Projects, or when working with new customers where materials are supplied by us as part of the works,    a minimum deposit of will be required before work is carried out. This is payable in advance, at a time agreed by both parties.

Warranty Information

My work carries a 12 month warranty on materials that are supplied by me and my workmanship, this applies  in normal situations, in some cases a conditional warranty   would be supplied, this will be outlined during quotation, in all cases warranty periods are a maximum of 12 Months.

Goods & Materials

Materials that are customer supplied do not carry any warranty from me and in the event of failure will incure labour cost for replacement/renewel .

All materials that are supplied by myself are fully guaranteed for 12 months and are charged at cost plus 30% standard. 

Monday to Friday:  Normal Trading

Standard labour charges are from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, after  5pm labour charges will increase, details available on request.

My normal working day on site is from 9am until 4pm this can be changed for individual needs.


Saturdays are available by pre-booking, 4 hours minimum and charges are not standard, details available on request.


I no longer work Sundays, but on request would consider taking on work during my rest day, once again charges are not standard. Sunday would be negotiated and pre - booked as a 7 hour slot only (full day).   

Rates and Pricing

Small Jobs

For small jobs an Hourly rate is available Call for details.

Daywork : pricing is  provided usually for smaller Jobs that take either a half or a full day, in this case Daywork is a Pay As You Go hourly rate, and in many cases materials are supplied by the customer for the job, if the job takes longer than the time alloted, Additional time would be billed by the additional hours.

Estimates: In the case of a Estimate work a cost will be provided based on my initial visit, pricing will be based on time and materials required to complete the task. if delays are generated during the work that are not the fault of ourselves and outside of our estimated time and price, additional costs will be added usually based on time/hourly rate.

 All Other Work

As all work differs from job to job, I have found it easier to price work  individually, however a pre booked day that involves, hanging pictures, curtain rails, bathroom cabinets, flat pack furniture or  similar items, would be priced at a pre booked  day     or half day rate, depending on your requirements, please call for details.

Work involving, Painting and Decorating, Joinery,   Room Refurbishments etc,  that may require  more time would be costed as a estimate or daywork depending on the job and scale of the tasks and would be  priced accordingly, work outside of  Wirral areas will incur a small travel expense cost to cover fuel and any toll charges.

Advice is Free!

During my Initial visit  and site survey,  I may recommend the use of specific products and equipment that I believe will provide  professional results and finishes,   My advice is based on years of product use and a    lot of trial and error, so with this in mind I may  recommend for example  "Trade Quality Paints" because they will provide the right opacity for the job and true depth of colour. Ultimately it will be down to you and your budget, but consider the amount of additional work a job may require by selecting  a budget range of items, or a lesser quality products, I would ask all customers to give this due consideration.

Exterior Working

All Exterior Repairs, Painting and Decoarting, Window Repairs or Replacement are all subject to Weather Conditions and may be Cancelled at Short Notice if Weather Conditions are Considered Unsuitable.

Arrangement will then be made for an alternative date to revisit and continue with the work at a time to suite both parties.

Dec 2018: I have decided that i will no longer offer my services to small Business and Commercial

Hours Of Business

Mon - Fri  9am to 6pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Traditional Values - Quality Service

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